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In Home Health Services Orange County

What to Know About In Home Health Services Orange County

As your loved one begins to age, they may require additional help at home. Whether it’s a physical ailment, a disability, or simply the need for some help around the house, home in home care is a good way to give them the assistance they need while allowing them to age in place. Before you choose in-home health services Orange County, it’s vital to understand more about the process. Read on for some basic information about home in home care so you can make sure your loved one gets the services they need.

Why Choose In Home Health Services Orange County?

Home care helps to make the process of aging in place possible for elderly loved ones. Rather than move to a nursing home or an assisted living facility, this type of care allows seniors to continue living in their own homes. This gives seniors a sense of independence and it also helps them to feel safer. Staying at home, or “aging in place,” is typically the most popular choice for most seniors. Staying in a new and unfamiliar place can often make problems worse, increase stress levels, and cause your loved one to feel angry or left behind. Choosing home in home care is the best way to allow them to maintain that feeling of independence for as long as possible.

Types of Care

There are several different levels of in-home care available, dependent on your loved one’s needs. The right type of care will help to ensure that their comfort level and quality of life are maintained. Companion care consists of helping seniors with basic tasks like light housekeeping, running errands, meal prep, and organization. This type of care may also include doing laundry, dusting, and simple household tasks. Personal care is usually required of people who need advanced care to do things like taking baths or brushing their teeth. This level of in-home care is more involved and usually includes helping your loved one with hygiene and getting dressed.

For patients with much more in-depth needs or serious health-related needs, respite care may be the best choice. This type of care usually involves someone living at the home with your loved one full time. It’s also referred to as live-in care. This ensures that the patient is monitored around the clock, and it frees up time for family members to tend to their own affairs. If someone has specific health needs, medical in-home health care may be required, so contact us today to find out more and we’ll match you with the right person and the right type of care.

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