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Things We Can Do to Help Our Loved Ones Remember to Take Medication

Are you finding that you or a loved one struggle to keep the pill schedule straight?

Fortunately, there are a variety of different medication organizers and technology tools that are available to assist us these days.

It is important that you first, consider the following when choosing the right solution for your situation:

  • How much of a nudge to take your medicine is needed?

~ A simple gathering of the medicine in one place? Scheduled reminders to direct you to medicine boxes?

~ Or greater attention getting mechanisms, safeguards to limit pill access, or remote monitoring?

  • The number of medications that you take and can you use six-pill compartment dispenser.

  • Comfort Level with smartphones and other technology.

  • What’s your lifestyle?

~Are you always on the go and need a portable solution?

~Do you tend to be more of a homebody?

Non-Automated Pill Boxes

(Disclosure: Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of the links and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission that will help support this blog. Thanks so much.)

These simple pill cases come in a variety of different designs. The majority offer compartments for AM and PM Medication. Some pill boxes provide the flexibility to accommodate medication schedules of three times a day or more.

This type of pill box is best for people who only need simple help with organizing pills in one easy to access spot. With this choice you will need to rely on your own memory and/or reminders from separate devices on when to take medications on time.

In addition to regular pill organizers, look for pill boxes with handy carrying cases for travel if you are always on the go.

Pharmacy Filled Pill Packets

Pharmacy fulfilled pill packaging is growing in popularity. Services such as PillPack, which is owned by Amazon, will sort and fill your pills in packets organized by date and time of day, with the convenience of them being shipped to your doorstep.

Automated Pill Dispensers

Especially for older adults and individuals taking a number of medications, automated pill dispensers offer other great options.

  • Alarms to come from the medication devices themselves with adjustable volume, flashing lights, and in some cases vibrations. Schedule of alarms is programmed through screen on pill dispenser.

  • Motorized carousel that spins to present that time slot’s pills. Easily able to deliver more than a handful of times per day if needed.

  • Strong latches to help deter taking medicine from other than the current slot. This feature is especially helpful for people with significant memory issues or who are easily confused.

A step beyond an automatic pill dispenser with self-contained features is one that is remotely controlled using technology. Hero Machine serves as a good example of that.

  • Like the LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser above, the Hero pill dispenser can be set by the use of the Hero application which you can program any pill regimen, either simple or complex Hero will notify you when it’s pill time as often as needed.

  • Hero stores, sorts and dispenses up to a 90-day's supply of 10 different medications Manage both scheduled doses and medications taken as needed.

  • Push button for auto sort and dispense when Hero alerts you it's pill time A clearly audible sound and blinking light does the trick.

In Home Caregiver with Aid of Medicine Dispensers

While devices and automatic reminders are a convenience it is important to know when they no longer provide the level of support needed to stay on a regular medication schedule alone. That’s when it is time to consider a change. With the option of an in-home care service provider such as there are agencies such as Beloved Comfort home Care Referral Agency that specialize in assisting families with this transition and help them understand what is needed with a free consultation.

Finding the right combination of medicine organizers and human touch can make all the difference in assisting our love ones or selves with medication.


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