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Aging Parents- How to keep them comfortable during this change in life

Conflicts often arise between adult children and their aging parents. Aging parents want independence and well-meaning adult children see there are issues that need to be addressed. It’s important to remember that first and foremost your parents are not children. They are your parents and should be treated with respect. You cannot force them to do anything, so make sure your approach is patient and loving.

Be patient

It’s important to give your parents room and the opportunity to adjust to some of their new limitations. Whether you are dealing with the onset of dementia or other physical ailments, patience can go a long way in your interactions with your aging parents.

Address one issue at a time

Prioritize your list of issues you think your parents need help with. Focus on essential items that are needed for safety. And do it one at a time. If you suggest something, give your parents time to think through it. Suggest solutions that work for them.

Let go of unrealistic expectations

Your aging parents may be going through significant changes. They might have a lot of hard decisions to make. You can’t expect them to do it all at once. Help them process one thing at a time and don’t expect them to be who they used to be or do things the way they used to do it. Your expectations will help you navigate how to help your aging parents in the ways they want. Don’t expect them to say yes to everything you think they need.


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